Use Texts To Make Men Love You!

Teach you use sweet messages to attract him. Let him love you deeply! However, when and what kind of text to use, it requires some tricks. Good text messages can make him crazy about you, and bad ones can make him leave you.

What is the best love messages for him?

I’m Alan, the owner of this counseling room.

If you have ever wondered how you can make a man fall in love with you, give you his undivided attention and experience a movie-level of desire to be with you, then you have come to the right place. I am going to share with you a secret way to text your man and every woman needs to know.

The power of the text message should never be underestimated. Unlike verbal forms of communication, a text can be crafted, deleted and re-written as many times as you see fit. Did you know that a simple text could also be the key to love?

These messages are like cupid in a text, they evoke hunger, excitement and can make a man’s mind run wild with epic fantasies where there is nothing that he craves more than for you and him to be together. I have helped hundreds of women gain control of their relationship with men and forget about the fact that they don’t believe themselves to be beautiful, charming and alluring.

Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, girl, I’ve got your back and if you read on, I promise it will change your (love) life forever.

Before we get into it, I’m going to let you in on three little secrets.

  • The key to capturing a man’s heart is all about grabbing his attention

When he can’t stop thinking about you, daydreams about what he wants your future to look like and when he looks at you he can’t help but feel a wave of warmth fill his body – that’s when his attention is truly yours. If you’ve been in love before, think about how even when you were in a room full of people, you always knew where your man was. When you are apart, you spend your time wondering and hoping that he is thinking about you as much as you are thinking about him. Even if you have never experienced the throws of love, I am sure you have seen moments like this in the movies.

Most people think that infatuation comes before fixation, but the opposite is also the case. The more you think about someone, the more attention you pay them, which leads to infatuation. So, the answer to your love woes and the secret that I am going to share with you centers on getting your desired man to think about you so much that his infatuation towards you grows and grows.

love messages for him - his attention

  • Psychology plays a huge part in grabbing a man’s attention

Try to orchestrate cliff hangers, unanswered questions and alluring curiosity which leaves him wanting more. Creating a sense of mystery around yourself will leave your man wanting to know what makes you tick.

Think about a Hollywood movie, which can successfully capture your attention for at least a couple of hours at a time. Screenwriters use tactics such a cliffhangers, mystery and incomplete stories to leave you hanging on the actors’ every word as your brain acts to try and work out what is going on.

Let’s take this analogy now back to your man. You can use the psychology of mystery to create what I call ‘attention hooks.’ By making him wonder what you’re going to say next or what you meant by that last text message, you can force him to wonder about you and successfully plant the seed of infatuation.

love messages for him - attention hooks


  • You can use these attention hooks to capture a man’s heart

When you start using these hooks in your conversations and interactions, your man will not be able to fight the sudden urge to fantasize about you all day long. Don’t be surprised if you hear that he has been talking to his friends about you (a solid sign that your plan is working!) and if he suddenly comes up with a multitude of excuses to see you – all the time. The rush of excitement this creates in his mind and body will generate a ‘positive feedback loop,’ which is what will make him wonder if you feel the same way about him too.

love messages for him - capture a man’s heart

Ladies, follow these simple steps and my text message guide to revel in the new wave of male attention which comes your way. Don’t be surprised if you draw new love interests as your confidence noticeably soars sky-high and watch out for those unwanted exes who will likely crawl out of the woodwork. Remember that you have the control now.

If you already have a man and perhaps your relationship has gone a little stale, or maybe you are struggling to get him to commit, know that my secret text messages are perfect for you too. The powerful tools which I am going to provide you with will have him calling you more, taking you on dates and showering you with affection. Just watch.

The video of some girls’ experience.

So, let’s get started!

Now that you’ve had your introduction to creating infatuation, you are ready to get to work. I have produced the ultimate guide to texting men and helped hundreds of women get what they want out of love. Now is the time to grab your love life by the horns, so let’s begin.


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